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Lauren Tisdale's "My Hair Is Me" Wins First Place in County 6th Grade Poetry Competition

  • 02/11/2022 2:33 PM
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    My Hair Is Me won 1st place at my school and in Frederick County for the 6th grade poetry division. My poem was inspired by all the kids who teased me the week I wrote it. This is why my mom thinks the poem has touched so many people.  The Crown Act is a law that many lawmakers are trying to pass to make it illegal to discriminate against Black women and girls who wear their hair in its natural state.  My Hair Is Me has been submitted to the state level competition on behalf of Frederick County 6th graders.

     Some things I do in my free time are play the electric guitar, hang out with my little brother or bother my older one. I like learning new songs on my guitar then playing and singing them. I’ve been playing electric guitar for nearly 3 years.  Recently, I have been with a new instructor (Maru) and we will be playing a duet together at the “Seeds to Roots” Performance at the Weinberg Center this year. 

    Additionally, I really like designing homes and spaces on my computer, and I even want to be an Interior Designer when I grow up. I also enjoy volleyball and was even on a team this year with my friend Mirabel.  We did a 2 week clinic during the summer. This year in school I finally have my first Black teacher, Ms. Bey, which really helped a lot because I finally saw someone who looked like me who wasn’t just a student. I hope you liked hearing about me.

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